Bolt Replacement


Bolt replacement is a top priority of the BCC. As our climbing anchors age, many require replacement to remain safe, which is both time-consuming and costly.

To date, working alongside partners, BCC has helped replace over 750 bolts! We also have organized several massive re-bolting single day efforts:

Check out some media about our re-bolting efforts:

How Can I Get Involved?

  • Donate cash and become a member to help with the costs of bolt replacement

  • Take it a step further and become a re-bolter: if you're proficient at bolting and would like to learn to re-bolt reach out to Steve Bartlett about clinics and mentorship: stephenbartlett [at]

Waste Management


Another major initiative of the BCC is our wag bag program. We provide approximately 1000 wag bags to our community annually through these stations that we installed and currently manage:

  • The Dome in Boulder Canyon

  • Base of 3rd Flatiron / Satellite Boulders

  • Rincon in Eldorado Canyon

  • West Ridge in Eldo

  • Redgarden in Eldo

  • The Slab in the Flatirons

  • Canal Zone in Clear Creek

  • Little Eiger in Clear Creek

  • High Wire in Clear Creek

  • Tiers of Zion in Clear Creek

  • Dinosaur Rock in the Flatirons

  • Staunton State Park (park manages)

We need help with ongoing re-stocking of these stations. If you frequent these areas and are able to help, please email Craig Hoffman at

We also maintain one portapotty at Upper Dream Canyon.

Eagle Monitoring

For the last five years the BCC has partnered with the U.S. Forest Service Boulder office to observe and track the progress of the Golden Eagles that nest in Boulder Canyon. Climber-volunteers go through a short training in February then become part of the monitoring team that visits an observation area regularly until the young ones leave the nest (fledge) in mid to late July.

Over the last five years this pair of Eagles has successfully produced offspring every year, and in 2015 two young ones survived – a rarity. This would not be possible without the cooperation of climbers honoring the closure of the area from Feb 1 until late July when the Eagles leave the nest. We have demonstrated that sensitive species like Golden Eagles can co-exist with climbers if we give them the space they need during their nesting season. We should be proud of this success as a community!

Current Climbing ClosurES

Want to help monitor the Boulder Canyon eagles this year?
Please contact Dara at daramiles2go [at]

Graffiti Removal

We’ve helped organize a few graffiti clean-up days at the popular Darkside Boulders.

We’ve helped organize a few graffiti clean-up days at the popular Darkside Boulders.