BCC Mission

The mission of the BCC is to mobilize the local community and partners to care for the environments we impact as climbers, and enrich the outdoor experience for all.

Core Values of the BCC

• STEWARDSHIP is our primary focus. We believe that, as climbers, we must take full responsibility for minimizing our own impacts on climbing areas.

• We have and we promote a deep RESPECT FOR THE NATURAL WORLD including the plants and animals we share our climbing areas with. The sharing and protection of habitats is at the heart of stewardship.

• RELATIONSHIPS are the fabric of the BCC. We seek positive, win-win partnerships in everything we do and strive to make the BCC a welcoming and inclusive organization. Our network of relationships includes land managers, businesses, individuals in our community, and other organizations.

• LAND MANAGERS are our most important partners. We recognize that their primary mission is also stewardship, and that access and effective stewardship require excellent working relationships with land managers. We never make demands of land managers or try to pressure them. Instead we ask, how can we help YOU?

• Through outreach, education, and events we seek to activate a COMMUNITY of climbers who live by these core values.

The Boulder Climbing Community is a non-profit organization that connects and supports climbers, climbing organizations, land managers, and businesses in the Boulder area, in order to protect and care for the climbing areas we love.

Our hallmark program is the Front Range Climbing Stewards, a full-time professional trail work team. We've also helped replace hundreds of old bolts and anchors, and provided thousands of free wag bags at stations we installed.

FRCS crew 2014.png

BCC History

The BCC was founded in 2010 by Roger Briggs as a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. As the Local Climbing Organization (LCO) for the Boulder area we are closely affiliated with the American Alpine Club and the Access Fund, and we have a joint membership program with the Access Fund.

In the spring of 2014 the BCC launched the Front Range Climbing Stewards (FRCS) program in partnership with the Access Fund.  At the core of the FRCS is a 3-person full-time trail crew that builds and restores  climbing access trails in climbing areas all over the front range and other areas popular to Boulder climbers.

We work closely with area land managers including Boulder County Parks and Open Space, Eldorado Canyon State Park, Jefferson County Open Space, City of Boulder Open Space and Mountain Parks, and the U.S. Forest Service. We support the work of the Action Committee for Eldorado (ACE) and the Flatirons Climbing Council (FCC).

Our 15-member Board of Directors meets every other month, and meetings are open to the public.


Land Managers

  • City of Boulder OSMP

  • Jefferson County OSMP

  • Boulder County OSMP

  • Colorado State Parks (Eldorado Canyon and Staunton)

  • US Forest Service (Boulder Ranger District)

  • National Park Service (Lumpy Ridge)

  • Bureau of Land Management (Utah)


  • Access Fund

  • Flatirons Climbing Council

  • Action Committee for Eldorado

  • Pikes Peak Climbers Alliance

  • Northern Colorado Climbers Coalition

  • Salt Lake Climbers Alliance

  • Friends of Indian Creek

  • American Alpine Club

  • American Safe Climbing Association

  • Leave No Trace

BCC Business Supporters

Thanks to these awesome businesses that support the BCC's efforts: