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Why you should join

  • Connect with other local climbers in our community.

  • Support the essential work to the crags you love with new bolts, trail maintenance and wag bags! 

  • Connect with other local climbers in our community.

  • Get discounts on climbing brands and local shops!

  • Get a great t-shirt (when you sign up for t-shirt membership).

Where your money goes

In 2018, BCC membership funds and other donations supported these milestones:

  • Trail Maintenance: The FRCS team moved over 2,7500 rocks, built almost 600 rock steps and 4,981 sqft of retaining wall structures.

  • Bolt Replacement: 200+ replaced.

  • Wag-Bag distribution: 1,000+ free poop bags distributed.

  • Eagle Monitoring: 1-2 endangered eaglets typically fledged from protected nests.


Did you know you can also support national advocacy AND the Boulder Climbing Community?

Consider signing up for a Joint Membership with the Access Fund.

Looking for other ways to get involved? You can also donate or volunteer with the BCC!