Foothills Climbing Community (FHCC)

Over the course of 2017, a new local climbing organization has formed with mentorship of the BCC.

The Foothills Climbing Community is driven to encouraging stewardship and providing resources for climbers in the areas surrounding Jefferson County & beyond. The formation of this organization was a response to some issues that arose in late 2015, and after a meeting with about 60 local climbers in February 2016 it was decided that a new group could take on a liasonship with land management and government groups that support and oversee some of the local places we climb.

To kick things off, we’ve raised the funds (thanks to the Access Fund, Bent Gate Mountaineering & Earth Treks) to build, install and supplement 4 new wagbag stations throughout Clear Creek Canyon.

We’ve also adopted a section of the canyon and will be working (with your help) to keep this area clean.

Lastly (and most importantly) We will need your help fueling these existing projects and gathering ideas for future initiatives. Please join the FHCC email list below to stay up to date on current issues and lend a hand when the local climbing community needs it most.

Please follow our media and join our lists: