Yes, BoCan is still under construction (and we have updates)

Boulder Canyon closures due to road cosntruction are constantly in flux. The best bet is to stay informed by consulting CDOT's website. Currently the big pullout for Boulderado/Animal World/Avalon is coned-off for construction: this means it. The Bowling Alley is also in the construction zone. While these are known areas to avoid, anticipate any area to be under construction and have a back-up crag in mind. While we are talking about the canyon, if you love climbing in Boulder Canyon as much as we do you will want to keep access open, the best way to do this is to stay on trail or at the crag. The canyon is a mishmash of private, Forest Service, County, and City lands. The BCC has a map giving a rough idea of where is what, but please stick to the trails and the known areas.